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 Akeneiro Demon Hunters - Online

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PostSubject: Akeneiro Demon Hunters - Online   Wed Oct 02, 2013 2:05 pm

A very nice Japanese looking game with great artwork and solid gameplay, Akeneiro Demon Hunters is a game that will keep you playing again and again. First of all you will need to install the game launcher, then when you run the game for the first time it will connect to the game servers to download about 500mb of game data. Don't worry as the game respects your operating systems security settings and it won't add any data to your system folders and you can also change the install directory. More info can be found from their FAQ page. They have a good forum for all your questions and a support link. Available installs for Windows and Mac and also playable in your browser on the web. You will need a fast internet connection to play this game.

"Akaneiro: Demon Hunters transports you to a word realized in a striking visual style inspired by Japanese ink, watercolor and wood-block illustration. We’ve dug deep into the history and folklore of Japan when designing our scenarios and characters. Mixing this foundation with an original mythology inspired by Red Riding Hood has yielded a fantastic and inspiring setting for players to explore.

Akeneiro provides players with a free-to-play ARPG of depth, blended seamlessly with the speed and intensity of a pure action title. Combat is fast and unrelenting, but you can sway the tide with careful selection of abilities and equipment. A multitude of character building paths are available, though we’ve avoided being overly proscriptive, ensuring you can find the best balance of abilities and equipment for your personal play style.

The game world is separated in to Regions, which represent a quadrant of Yomi Island. Each Region contains several Areas, each presenting a different environmental style and introducing new enemy and boss types. Each area contains several missions – forming a small story arc.

We here at Spicy Horse intend to provide players with an ARPG that doesn’t ever end, and doesn’t require you wait for an extended period on an expansion that you finish in 2 weeks. We strive to push the boundaries of our world further with each passing month."
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Akeneiro Demon Hunters - Online
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