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 Arcade Game Studio (Retro Style Game Making)

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PostSubject: Arcade Game Studio (Retro Style Game Making)   Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:38 am

Arcade Game Studio created by Bruno R.Marcos (9.7mb .zip, version 1.31) is a great freeware game making program suitable for beginner to intermediate users. If you know how to make sprites, sprite sheets and know where to find free sound files and have a basic understanding of how to make games and how they work, then this is definitely a good starter.

Create retro style games with Arcade Game Studio, scrolling shooters, platformers, gun'n run and maze games. Relive the days of gaming from the 1980's and make your games with ease. Included in the package are some sample games or test projects to get you started, Scramble, Maze, a Gauntlet style game, Run n Gun and Maximus Action Carnage. With these test projects you can see what is involved to making that particular game, what goes where and what does what.

The Help and Tutorials are ok although not explained fully, hence why you will need some knowledge of game making, but saying this, Arcade Game Studio gives you good results with little effort. It's well worth learning.

Also check out the homepage to play freeware games like DONKEY-ME, BRUCE LEE 2, Maximus Action Carnage, Cavenaut, Soccer World Cup, Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin and Star Wars: The Battle of Endor.

Arcade Game Studio Page

Keep on gaming!

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Arcade Game Studio (Retro Style Game Making)
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