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 FreeBasic Miner

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PostSubject: FreeBasic Miner   Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:50 am

FreeBasic Miner is a gem collecting game. Collect all the gems to win. There are many tools to help you collect the gems.

Game features:
Play using keyboard - mouse can be used for almost everything else;
Clean presentation and menu screen;
31 levels (yet), some of them challenging;
Some sound effects (no music);
Images in 3 layers: Background + Objects + Foreground;
Some levels in the dark (night);
Pause / give up / quit commands;
Map mode (available only in levels larger than the screen);
Demo mode (tutorial) - to see, wait a few seconds on menu screen;
You can easily create language pack (in LANG dir). Portuguese and English included for now;
Records top 10 high scores (resettable);
You can start from any mine you have reached at least once (resettable);
Objects with 16 different behaviors;
Level (mines) editor.
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FreeBasic Miner
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