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 New Member Group System

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One Mad Gamer
One Mad Gamer

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PostSubject: New Member Group System   Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:14 am

The Freeware Games Forum now has a new member Group System. Most are self explanatory really but I'll explain the different groups here from highest to lowest.

Black Hats - Bad news if you meet these. If you are the type of person that continually causes problems in the forum with members, staff or posting spam or rubbish posts, then you will have the pleasure of meeting a Black Hat. Black Hats have the most privileges over any other group.

Moderators - Moderators keep the riff raff out and generally help with maintaining the forum, keeping it tidy and making sure everything gets posted in the correct places. They do carry with them a naughty stick so keep on their good side. Moderators have the ability to ban all except Black Hats.

Senior Members - Senior Members are members that have frequently contributed to and supported the forum. These are trusted members of this community and have the most privileges over Verified Members, Regular Members and Registered Members. Senior Members have the opportunity to become a Moderator if a position becomes available.

Verified Members - Verified Members are members that have been age verified for specific restricted areas of the forum. All other members can not see these posts that are posted in restricted areas apart from Moderators and Black Hats. Verified Members have the same privileges as Regular Members.

Regular Members - Regular Members are members that contribute to the forum on a regular basis. They have more privileges over Registered Members but not as many as Senior Members. Regular Members should endeavor to become a Senior Member.

Registered Members - Registered Members are members that have registered only and have not contributed to the forum yet. They have not posted anything in the forum but once they do, they will be given Regular Member group status. Registered Members have basic forum posting privileges.  

There will possibly be a Game Reviewer group in the future.

Keep on gaming!

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New Member Group System
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