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 Aero Flux Beta (1 or 2 player SHMUP)

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PostSubject: Aero Flux Beta (1 or 2 player SHMUP)   Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:47 am

Aero Flux Beta (23.6mb .zip ver1.0, last updated 04/09/2011) is a fantastic SHMUP with great music, sound and well made older style 2D graphics. Play by yourself or with a friend. This bullet hell shooter has some good solid bosses and is quite easy to complete but at the same time very enjoyable and rewarding. Well worth a download if you like your SHMUPS. Download and prepare for instant action.


Player 1
P1 Start Button - 1
Move Left - Left Arrow
Move Up - Up Arrow
Move Right - Right Arrow
Move Down - Down Arrow
Shoot / Accept - Numpad 0
Bomb / Cancel - Numpad . (Fullstop)

Player 2
P2 Start Button - 2
Move Left - A Key
Move Up - W Key
Move Right - D Key
Move Down - S Key
Shoot / Accept - N Key
Bomb / Cancel - M Key

F4 = Full Screen mode
Screenshot - O Key
Pause - P Key
Escape - Esc Key

You can change the keys during gameplay or in the options menu.

Gameplay Help

1.) Tapping the fire button makes you move at normal speed, holding
it down makes you move at halve speed.

2.) Destroying enemies fills up your experience bar (Yellow), which increases
your firepower.

3.) Destroying enemies increases your multiplier, which increases the rate
at which you score points.

4.) Dodging or Grazing enemy bullets fills up your bomb bar (Pink), which
when full, adds one bomb to your bomb stock.

5.) If you get hit by an enemy bullet, and have bombs in stock, the bomb
save will activate. This will clear the whole stage of enemy
bullets for about two seconds, but will not damage the enemies.

6.) There are 8 bonus enemies per stage (Big orange orbs) that double their
score each time one is killed ie. 500, 1000, 2000 -> 64000. They
account for a quarter of your score, so don't miss them.

Download Page

Keep on gaming!

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Aero Flux Beta (1 or 2 player SHMUP)
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