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 Super Mario Forever 3 (classic Super Mario)

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PostSubject: Super Mario Forever 3 (classic Super Mario)   Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:43 am

Super Mario Forever 3 (18.5mb .exe install) is one of the few Mario games that plays well and looks good. It's your standard, classic Super Mario game with all the fun from the original. Game play, graphics and sound are all very well implemented.

I do have a few gripes about this game though. Firstly and the most annoying is the game toolbar installation. I don't understand why anyone would install these as a lot of game sites seem to think that gamers need them, this is not the case, we do Not! Good news is that after you install the game you will then be instructed to install the game toolbar. If you do not want the tool bar, untick the box from the toolbar setup. Secondly, in the options game menu there's an option for Level Editor. While clicking on this it will take you to the game site and for the likes of me, I couldn't find where you can edit or make your own levels until just recently. While I was playing the game in windowed mode, if you click on the "Help" you have the option to "Download Lever Editor". This would've been handy if we had the option to download the level editor from the games main options menu screen. Also from the main options menu screen there is "Secrets". It will take you to the site with no secrets. I still haven't worked that one out yet. Thirdly, and this is only a minor complaint, is the glitchy screen between levels and Worlds.

Apart from these few annoyances, it's still a worthy game download if you like your Mario games. There are also a few hidden surprises Wink The game can be played in windowed mode or full screen. There are 3 game save slots and also the ability to continue your game if you loose all your lives.


Left and Right arrow keys to move left and right.
Z key for jump.
X key for run and shoot.

Keep on gaming!

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Super Mario Forever 3 (classic Super Mario)
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