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 Freeware Games Forum Flashback

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One Mad Gamer
One Mad Gamer

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PostSubject: Freeware Games Forum Flashback   Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:03 am

Thought I'd dig up the old forum back from the early'ish 2000's and shed a little history about The Freeware Games Forum.

I started my own forum after being a moderator and games reviewer for a short spell at Caiman. Rudy the owner of the Caiman website gave me inspiration to go out into the vast expanses of the www and see if I could do something similar to what he had achieved. To this date, I haven't come close to his remarkable work and his complete dedication he gave to his website but he did give me basic knowledge of how to run a public forum. It was the best learning experience I've had in regards to forum/message boards.

In the early stages of the first Freeware Games Forum (formally known as Freeware Game Links) I made many mistakes but came to grips with how it all worked and started a small online community of freeware gamers. While it wasn't hugely popular, nowhere near what Caiman was, I was happy and content adding freeware games and reviews now and then. It was like a part time hobby and still is. I still find pleasure playing the odd game here and there from the net and although games development has changed quite a bit since I found my first freeware game, the basic fundamentals of gameplay still remain.

The original Freeware Games Links forum is long gone but thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine the site, in part (a few pages), still exists. You can take a peek here

There maybe a few of you out there that will recognize the site and at that time I was know as Aussie Dave.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

Keep on gaming!

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Freeware Games Forum Flashback
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