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 Highway Trouble (fan made Super Mario game)

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PostSubject: Highway Trouble (fan made Super Mario game)   Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:25 am

Highway Trouble (17.7mb ver 0.8 .zip) made by Supernova 2010. My first thoughts were, here we go, yet another poorly made Mario game, but I was pleasantly surprised. This was a refreshing and addictive Super Mario fan made game with some nice effects and with at times, frantic game play. While you will lose many lives when you first start out, you will quickly learn the basic moves to avoid being hit. Jump and shoot is pretty much all you do however there are a few extra surprises thrown into the game that make it that little bit different, check out the controls section on this page or the readme.txt file for more info. The usual characters and powerups can be found whilst playing that we're all familiar with and a few extras in regards to the weapons that can be used. It's quite simple in design but it does have some replay value. I avoided downloading this game for some time and it sat in my browser bookmarks for months. The game developer updates quite regularly and version 0.9 is coming soon. I'm glad that I finally downloaded it, nice one.


Left Move Left
Right Move Right
Z Jump or jump out of a car
X Fire
Z and Z (while in the air) = Double Jump
X + Up = Fire Up
X + Down(While in the air) = Fire Down (Extra air hanging time)
S Hijack a car
A Grenade (not in a car)
A + Down (While in the air) = Throw grenade downward (Extra air hanging time)
X (Holding) = Energy charging
X (Release while fully charged) = Bullet blast

Mouse - Left click Shoot missile or bullet

Left Accelerate Left
Right Accelerate Right
Z Shoots bullets in random directions
X Drop helibomb

X (Without any item) = Lick
X (With any item) = Spit item
X + Up (With any item) = Spit item upward
X + Down (With any item and in the air) = Spit item downward
S Get off Yoshi

F1 Show info & help
F2 Restart game
F4 Fullscreen
F5 Toggle frameskip
F6 Show/hide player indicator
F8 Screenshot

Other KEYS
Enter Pause the game


Keep on gaming!

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Highway Trouble (fan made Super Mario game)
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