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 Iji (platform action shooter)

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PostSubject: Iji (platform action shooter)   Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:08 am

Iji (28mb .zip) made by Daniel Remar in 2008 is your classic platform shooter. Blast the alien invaders, crack security door codes and security boxes, gather ammo, medi kits, weapon upgrades, powerups and use teleporters. You can even combine weapons to take out those pesky earth invading aliens. A very nice rounded game with effective game music and sound effects. The story and original artwork and graphics will take you back to a time not that long ago in computer gaming. It has a very retro feel and small parts of the game remind me of Mission Impossible. Two thumbs up for quite a decent freeware game offering.

Left and Right: Move
Up: Jump
Down: Duck / turn pages when reading text

Z: Kick
X: Fire
C: Use
Enter: Abort cracking / view detailed stats
Escape: Pause / skip chats / skip cutscenes
Keypad: Move the view

1: Weapon 1
2: Weapon 2
3: Weapon 3
4: Weapon 4
5 or Q: Weapon 5
6 or W: Weapon 6
7 or E: Weapon 7
8 or R: Weapon 8

A: Previous weapon
D: Next weapon
S: Change to super-weapon

Hold F2: Return to Main menu
Hold F4: Retry Sector/boss
Hold F12: Quit game

You can change the keys for kicking, jumping and firing in the options in the Main menu. You can also change the weapon cycling keys, and the four extra keys for weapons 5-8 (so that they are placed directly beneath the numbers 1-4 on your keyboard). You can also save your game at the end of each level sector and before exiting.


Game Page

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Iji (platform action shooter)
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