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 Yahtzee, Snakes & Ladders, Alien Racer

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PostSubject: Yahtzee, Snakes & Ladders, Alien Racer   Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:04 pm

The other day I stumbled across a few freeware games from a website that were made some time ago but thought it worth a mention especially if you have an older computer with a basic graphics card.

Yahtzee 123 (8mb .exe) is your standard fare classic Yahtzee game. A game that most will be familiar with that involves 5 dice to make combinations to score. YAHTZEE!

Snakes and Ladders (9mb .zip) is a basic 3D computer games, 1 or 2 player that really shows it's age with it's choppy movement and clumsy controls. Put this aside though and it's quite an enjoyable game if you have a few spare minutes in the day. Similar to the popular Snake game, you need to eat the apples to grow your snake and avoid the fireballs. 2 player mode is just an all out "eat as many apples as you can" without touching your opponent. Some nice level designs here but not the easiest game to master.

Alien Racer (12mb .zip) was made for a Dark Basic gaming competition where participants were supplied with an alien model and to include it into their game. While this was a game that I thought would have been great, it somewhat let me down in the AI department. I found if difficult to keep up with the other racers and this was due to the way that your alien racer slowed right down when running off the course. It could have been a little more forgiving or at least slow the computer racers down a touch. It could have been a keeper on my system but unfortunately didn't make the mark.

All in all, 3 reasonably good games with Yahtzee being at the top of the list to check out.


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Yahtzee, Snakes & Ladders, Alien Racer
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