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 Saharan Outpost

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PostSubject: Saharan Outpost   Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:48 pm

Saharan Outpost is a nice coffee break 3D FPS game by Rod Fisher from Attic Games. He's been making quality freeware games for years and this is no exception. It only has 1 level and 1 boss that you must defeat to be rewarded with the greatest honor medal. You battle with the French Foreign Legion against the Riff insurgents during the 1923 campaign to maintain Frances control of Morocco. Your machine gun has only 500 rounds of ammo, if you use it too much it will overheat so be careful. If you can stay alive and reserve enough ammo to kill the rebel leader your reward will be the Croix de Guerre medal. Sound & music in the game is quite good with ricocheting bullets, the sound of the machine gun and dying soldiers. There is 360 degree viewing of your surroundings as you will need to look in every direction to eliminate your enemy, but you can not move. Overall a nice game to waste a couple of hours.

aim & shoot = mouse
medipac = spacebar
quick save = F2
quick load = f3
pause = P
quit = Esc


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Saharan Outpost
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