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 Rainbow Blitz Secure (Missile Command clone)

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Rainbow Blitz Secure (Missile Command clone) Empty
PostSubject: Rainbow Blitz Secure (Missile Command clone)   Rainbow Blitz Secure (Missile Command clone) EmptyMon Jun 14, 2010 3:13 pm

Rainbow Blitz Secure (513kb) is a Missile Command clone. The cute colourful graphics with addictive gameplay make this game a worthy contender to stick in your games folder. You must protect your village at all costs with precise aiming from your canons. The game starts off slowly with you only having 1 missile to shoot at the falling bombs but as you progress you will pick up the ability to shoot up to 3 at one time as well as combo, bonuses and points to pick up... if you're a good shot.

Rainbow Blitz Secure (Missile Command clone) Download
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Rainbow Blitz Secure (Missile Command clone) Pbucket
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Rainbow Blitz Secure (Missile Command clone)
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