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 COLOCORO (pinball type puzzler)

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PostSubject: COLOCORO (pinball type puzzler)   Sat May 29, 2010 5:22 am

COLOCORO (900kb no install version 1.5.2 updated 6/2/2007 Programmed by Inaka) is a great yet simple pinball type puzzle game but without the flippers. The simple graphics does not effect gameplay or enjoyability of this fun filled game. It starts off very simple as you try to spring the ball to the blue capture point, don't touch the reds and you must do it within a certain time limit. The later levels require you to use more balls and more skillful shots to progress to the next level. Hey! you can even use a Wii remote to play too. There are 5 Five courses in COLOCORO and each with many levels . There's the Kicker course, Rotation course, Tilt course, Rolling course and Shooting course.

Homepage (Japanese site) click link to translate to English then click on programming for the game or (Japanese COLOCORO site)

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COLOCORO (pinball type puzzler)
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