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 Merill the Phosphorus (fun Japanese run & jump platformer)

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PostSubject: Merill the Phosphorus (fun Japanese run & jump platformer)   Fri May 28, 2010 9:32 am

Merill the Phosphorus (1.5mb no install version 1.0 made by sasakoge) is an enjoyable run , swing, climb, throw and jump game. Collect all the funny looking fruit and avoid the nasties. With your 4 leaf clover you can swing your way to areas that can't be reach any other way and use it to take out those pesky bad guys. Once you have collected all the fruit you will need to find the exit point to enter the next level before time runs out. Stay stationary for a while and a map will appear that will show you where the fruits are and the exit point. There is an auto save feature so when you load up the game another day, you can start where you left off. The cute character with nice 2D/3D graphics and mellow game music will keep you playing this one for a while.

128mb RAM
32mb 3D graphics card

Arrow keys for movement and for placement/aiming of clover
Z key for jump
X key to use clover

Homepage Japanese website

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Merill the Phosphorus (fun Japanese run & jump platformer)
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