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 Mango Quest (3D 1st person Pacman clone)

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PostSubject: Mango Quest (3D 1st person Pacman clone)   Wed May 26, 2010 1:21 pm

Mango Quest formally known as The Blue Mango Quest (9mb no install version 0.6.4 made by Clement Bourdarias & Guillaume Burlet 2001) is an oldie but a goodie. As with the original Pacman game you have to collect all pellets (Dituboxes) the small blue boxes on the floor and, if needed, go to the winning post and along the way there are many bonus's both good and bad. One thing that helps you out is the radar which tells you where the bad black balls (Shmolluxes) they are very angry, thus they want to eat you and will quickly halt your progress. Many levels are available to jump straight into with 2 modes of play, Campaign and Skirmish. If you liked the original Pacman try this first person 3D Pacman clone, you may be surprized.

Arrow keys for movement
Look around mouse motion
End key to center view
Esc exit game

Game Page Sourceforge

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Mango Quest (3D 1st person Pacman clone)
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