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 Reactor 9 (point & click adventure)

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PostSubject: Reactor 9 (point & click adventure)   Sat May 22, 2010 9:07 am

Reactor 9 (13.1mb no install version 1.0 made by Bernie). Escaping from a prison is never easy. But doing it with a correctional officer's consent is even harder. Officer Matthew Holmstett is a walking, talking regulation book and has his own set of ideals. Getting him to do what you want won't be an easy task. Don't overdo it, or you may find yourself handcuffed to a radiator very fast. Nobody trusts someone convicted for murder that easily after all. The game has 3 endings but the good one may require slightly more work. The game runs at low resolution full screen.

Controls and Gameplay
Left-click to move the character.

Hold the right mouse button down to call the verb coin. Move the cursor to
the desired interaction and let go. A short right-click will trigger a 'look'

Right-click on an inventory item will also call the verb coin. A left-click
will select an inventory item. Move it over a location you wish to use it on
and left-click. A right-click will switch back to normal control.

If you move the cursor over Matthew, a 'trust' bar will appear. It shows how
much Matthew trusts and believes you. This bar changes depending on your

Hold the left control button to make the game run faster. Useful when having
to walk longer distances.

Click on the 'i'-icon to learn more about the things going on in Clyde's

Homepage Warning, this game has bad language ADULTS ONLY Rated.

There are also other games to be found from this games site. There's Treasure Hunter Man, Stargirl and the Thief from the Exploded Moon, AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures, Cedric and the Revolution, A Game with a Kitty.

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Reactor 9 (point & click adventure)
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