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 Marsenary (mouse controled 3D space shooter)

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PostSubject: Marsenary (mouse controled 3D space shooter)   Sat May 22, 2010 8:58 am

Marsenary (13.9mb no install version 1.15 made 2005) is a great 3D space flight sim shooter. There are many missions, short in game play but packed with easy shooting action to start off with and harder missions as you progress. There is Score Trial with 4 varying degrees of difficulty which seems to be a blast fest as there are many incoming spaceships, similar to a survival mode. There is Arena which you can play and host a game over the net with your friends. But before you decide to go blasting, go into the assembly option to setup your ship with weapons and radars. There's also 3 other ships to choose from. I did find in one of the Score Trial levels the mouse controls was a bit out of whack and there was a bit of a delay but overall a top 3D shooter and will keep you interested for some time. The game is in English.

W key accelerate
S key brake
D key right accelerate
A key left accelerate

Mouse to move
Mouse left click main attack
Mouse right click sub attack
Mouse center click(click left and right at the same time) change sub
Space bar option on/off

System Control
F1 release mouse
Ctrl change camera
Esc finish game

Authors Blog (Japanese Site)

Game Page (Japanese Vector Site)

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Marsenary (mouse controled 3D space shooter)
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