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 Achterbahnfahrer (tricky 3D roller coaster racing)

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PostSubject: Achterbahnfahrer (tricky 3D roller coaster racing)   Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:58 am

Achterbahnfahrer (6mb no install version 1.0 made by Sascha Swiercy 2007) is a cool 3D roller coaster time trial racing game. You control a 4 carriage roller coaster and must complete 10 tracks with some wicked twists and turns to get the best time. There is one thing you must keep an eye on and that's the G meters for sideways g's and up and down g's. Going too fast will stop your timed game and you will have to start again from the beginning. There are 10 levels to complete with a free ride on any track option as well as a great editor to make your own tracks.

Mouse to move and select in the main menu screen
Arrow Up to accelerate
Arrow Down to decelerate
1,2,3,4 number keys for camera views from each roller coaster carriage
Esc key to exit

Homepage (German site)

Game Page

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Achterbahnfahrer (tricky 3D roller coaster racing)
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