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 Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra (dodge the musical bullets)

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PostSubject: Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra (dodge the musical bullets)   Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:48 am

Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra (1.2mb no install version 0.2.1) is an interesting dodge the bullets game. This is a simple game to score as much as possible while dodging the bullets that spew out from circling blobs. To start off you will have to paste in a music mp3, .mid, .midi, .ogg, .mod, .wav file into the games music folder then start the game and away you go. You can even add your own BulletML file into "data/bullets/normal" directory. There are also 10 effects levels, 2 difficulty modes and human or computer controlled game.

For any one having trouble with mp3 just convert it to a wave file and they work fine.

MINUTE SURVIVAL 100000 points
10 SECONDS SURVIVAL 10000 points
HIGH SPEED DODGE 50000 points
LOW SPEED DODGE 20000 points
SAFETY DODGE 50000 points
RISKY DODGE 10000 points
JUST TIMING 10000 points
GOOD TIMING 5000 points

X key to start
Arrow keys to move and change settings on Menu scree

Homepage (Japanese site)

Game Page

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Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra (dodge the musical bullets)
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