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 Ninja The White Rabbit (basic run and jump game)

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PostSubject: Ninja The White Rabbit (basic run and jump game)   Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:42 am

Ninja (1mb no install version 1.0 made by blackdevil0742 2007) is another simple run and jump 2 colour game in the style of Alex The Alligator. The game plays quite well with 12 levels, 4 different weapons and original music and sounds. The Boss's are cool but the enemies are predictable with an overall good feel to the game and if you like your run & jump platform games you will find pleasure in this one.

Arrow keys move left/right
Arrow key down slip through platforms
Z key to jump
X key to use weapon
C Key to use weapon
R key restart current room (coin penalty)
Move up/down - up/down arrow keys
Accept/skip - Z
F1 - info (a part of readme.txt and hints.txt)
F4 - full-/windowed screen
Esc - fast exit

Win 9x, XP, Me, 2000
64mg RAM (higher recomended)
5MB HDD space
DirectX 8


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Ninja The White Rabbit (basic run and jump game)
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