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 Squest (amusing 3D squid game)

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PostSubject: Squest (amusing 3D squid game)   Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:22 pm

Squest (16.3mb no install version 1.0 Final made by Patricia Banyas, Jeff Beaudoin & Michael Meyeris) a game similar in storyline to Finding Nemo. You are a squid and have been taken from your home environment and thrown into a fish tank. Your adventure begins by trying to get out of the fish tank and finding a way to get out of your unfamiliar surrounds and get back to your ocean life. The game has a Tutorial for fine tuning your swinging and aiming as you will need these skills to move around the 2 rooms. Cool game play with nice 3D graphics made this game very enjoyable but I found it a bit short. Within 3 attempts I had finished the game and once mastered it could be possible to beat it within 5 minutes. That said it will keep the younger gamers amused for some time with maybe a laugh or two.

Mouse to move
Left mouse button for left arm shoot (hold to drag/swing yourself)
Right mouse button for right arm shoot (hold to drag/swing yourself)
Your cross hair will increase in size when you are in range of something.


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Squest (amusing 3D squid game)
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