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 Super Obliteration (retro 2D rock blasting)

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PostSubject: Super Obliteration (retro 2D rock blasting)   Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:10 am

Super Obliteration (2.7mb no install version 1.01 BETA made by The Caffeine Kid 2007) is a remake of the original Amiga game of the same name. Control your spaceman by moving out of the way of asteroids and blast them into smaller pieces while collecting powerups, avoiding the bad ones and racking up those points. Although it's a standard looking 2D game, it has some great effects blasting the asteroids and with it's addicting gameplay, this surely will satisfy the retro gamer or the shooting gamer. You can even send your high scores to the online score board.

Mouse to aim and shoot, Arrow keys to move


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Super Obliteration (retro 2D rock blasting)
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