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 Crack Attack! (Super Nintendo Tetris Attack clone)

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PostSubject: Crack Attack! (Super Nintendo Tetris Attack clone)   Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:47 am

Crack Attack! (779kb install version 1.1.8 made by Daniel Nelson 2007) is based on the Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack. It's a free OpenGL game for Linux, OS X and Windows and has smooth colourful graphics and the gameplay is similar to a game I was very addicted to some years back called Columns. The game has no sound or sound effects but can be added manually from the authors website link. There are 3 modes of play. Single player, 2 player server or client and an X-Treme mode. The gameplay is very simple, just swap blocks to match at least 3 of the same color to eliminate them. The blocks rise from the bottom of the screen and progressively get faster as you earn more points but beware of some colors as they can alter gameplay and can make it much harder for you to get that high score. If you like your block puzzle games you will definitely like Crack Attack!

Linux, Windows, or OS X
OpenGL - Standard with all modern Windows versions
3D Graphics Hardware Support

Arrow key Move your cursor. Also, in solo mode, rotates the Hall of Fame.
Space Bar Swap the blocks your cursor surrounds.
Enter key Advance your stack upwards one row.
P key Pause the game. During online play, either player is able to unpause a paused game.
Esc key Exit


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Crack Attack! (Super Nintendo Tetris Attack clone)
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