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 Schafjagd (3D sheep culling shooter)

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PostSubject: Schafjagd (3D sheep culling shooter)   Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:22 am

Schafjagd (6.7mb install version 1.0 made by Tobias Runde & Lutz Tewes 2007) is a strange 3D sheep culling game. Gameplay is very smooth with only 1 level on offer in this complete game. You have 300 seconds to shoot as many sheep as possible as they breed like rabbits. You will encounter many weather conditions and you do have helpers that will bring you your ammunition, but occasionally they slip up and blow themselves away, try not to shoot them. You have at hand a rifle and some bombs but use them wisely and don't shoot all your sheep.

Move mouse left and right to move left and right
Left mouse button to shoot and throw bombs
Right mouse button to zoom in


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Schafjagd (3D sheep culling shooter)
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