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 Onsen Ping Pong (Difficult Table Tennis)

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Onsen Ping Pong (Difficult Table Tennis) Empty
PostSubject: Onsen Ping Pong (Difficult Table Tennis)   Onsen Ping Pong (Difficult Table Tennis) EmptyWed Mar 31, 2010 2:22 pm

Onsen Ping Pong (159kb) Well I don't mind a good table tennis game now and then but Onsen Ping Pong is the most difficult and unplayable one that I have played to date. This game is for the die hard ping pong gamer that has all the rest and just downloads this for their collection. For the rest of you give this one a miss.

Onsen Ping Pong (Difficult Table Tennis) Download
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Onsen Ping Pong (Difficult Table Tennis) Olnppg1c
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Onsen Ping Pong (Difficult Table Tennis)
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