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 Speed Shooter (falling card shooting)

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PostSubject: Speed Shooter (falling card shooting)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:44 am

Speed Shooter is a pleasant variation to a falling block puzzle but with cards. You have to eliminate the 4 rows of falling cards with the base cards that you have at the bottom of the screen. You must eliminate the falling cards before they reach the red line at the bottom. Use your Z,X,C,V keys to select from your 4 piles and they must be increasing in number or decreasing in number to be eliminated, you can also swap cards from your own with the falling cards, combo's are possible if an adjacent higher or lower card next to it. A very nice game and I enjoyed the simplicity of it a lot. A mix of cards and falling blocks. This game is version 0.9.2 and at 425kb it's worth a look.

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(Japanese Vector site download)

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Speed Shooter (falling card shooting)
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