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 Scavenger Hunt (cute 3D LAN party game)

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PostSubject: Scavenger Hunt (cute 3D LAN party game)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:30 am

Scavenger Hunt (16mb .exe installer) is a fantastic and cute game. it's a three dimensional arcade style game where players race to collect items from a list before their opponents do. Host your own LAN party  or just play computer opponents on your computer. Small 3D world but heaps of fun with some funny characters and smooth, addictive gameplay.

There are downloads for Windows Linux Mac OS X.

Windows Requirements
OS Windows 98,98SE,2000,XP
CPU 800MHz
RAM 128MB (256MB with Windows XP)
V32MB video card with 3D acceleration
Mouse and keyboard
Disk Space 80MB free
Multiplayer 56K modem internet connection

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Scavenger Hunt (cute 3D LAN party game)
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