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 Ghost in the Machine (unusual Pong style clone)

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PostSubject: Ghost in the Machine (unusual Pong style clone)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:02 am

Ghost in the Machine (5.6mb install version 1.0 made by Chris DeLeon 2007) is an unusual single player game similar to Pong but you battling against 3 computer controlled players. It's a remake of an Atari classic called Warlords from the 80's. Each player has one ball that they can shoot to destroy the computers wall to blow up the heart of their bases. You can capture another players ball with your gun if you no longer have yours but you must also defend your base with a separate paddle. This game took a while to master but was fun once you work out the controls with your mouse as it operates your gun and your paddle as well. Give this game a few goes and you will start winning games regularly. Music and visuals are spot on with that retro look and sound.

8 MB hard drive space
32 MB of RAM
Hardware Video Acceleration
1024x768 resolution support, 16-bit color
Sound card

Mouse is used for all controls while playing the game.
Arrow keys for the options, up and down toggle, or spacebar/enter

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Ghost in the Machine (unusual Pong style clone)
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