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 Uber Chess (nice 3D chess)

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PostSubject: Uber Chess (nice 3D chess)   Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:39 am

Uber Chess (17.3mb no install version 1 made 2006) is a nice looking 3D chess game that was made for a school project. There is some funny ingame sound commentary, 4 boards to play on and some nice visual effects. Worth a download if your into chess games.

Mouse for menu control
Arrow keys for movement Left, Right, Up & Down
Space bar to select move
C key for 2 camera views

Known bugs:
- When application is closed, it could still be active in task manager!
- Computer vs Computer or Computer vs Human does not always work. You can wake the computer by moving a piece.


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Uber Chess (nice 3D chess)
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