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 Hella Racing (average 3D racing game)

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PostSubject: Hella Racing (average 3D racing game)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:12 am

Hella Racing (12.9mb no install version 1.0 made 2006 by Jay Meistrich, Ben Greer, Justin Lokey, Diana Archer and Eric Ronald Foote) is a 1 track single or up to 4 player on the same screen 3D racing game. The cars stick to the road and do turns, loops, jumps, and flips. The game only has one track and 2 cars to choose from, it's a very difficult track with some problems. You can fall off the track in places and not get back on and even fall through into virtual space. This game still needs some tweaking and the steering of the cars could be a lot better. With that said, if you like racing games and have tried the rest you may find this game interesting even for curiosity sake.

Controls (single player)
Arrow keys
Esc key to exit
for multiplayer controls see ingame options screen

Additional Requirements
Requires Visual Studio 2005 SP1: vcredist_x86.exe

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Hella Racing (average 3D racing game)
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