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 Arbarlith The Gift of Chaos (3D hack & slash)

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PostSubject: Arbarlith The Gift of Chaos (3D hack & slash)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:48 am

Arbarlith (15mb install version 1.0 made 2005) is a very nice 3D dungeon hack and slash game with good gameplay and replay value. Eliminate the unearthly beasts while collecting potions, armor, weapons and learn magic spells to help you on your quest. Deadly beasts are starting to break through the barriers surrounding the magical world of Arbarlith, unleashing chaos. Descend into the dungeons and push them back into the abyss from where they came.

Hardware Accelerated Graphics card
800 MHz Processor
128 MB RAM
40 MB Hard Drive space for install
Monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution full screen
*Some graphical artifacts may occur while running the game with on-board Intel graphics hardware.

(keys can be redefined within the menu)
[ESCAPE] brings up the menu.
Hold [CONTROL] for free mouse look or move mouse pointer to the left,right, top or bottom of screen.
[INSERT] / [DELETE] zoom the camera or mouse wheel.
Left-Click on a location on the terrain to move there.
Left-Click on an enemy to attack it.
Right-Click to cast the currently selected spell.
[I] toggles the inventory window or click on the equipment bag.
[O] toggles the spell book window or click on the spell book.
[F11] takes a screenshot and save it to disk in Bitmap (*.BMP) format.
[END] Toggles the Map Editor.
Map Editor
(Map editor keys cannot be redefined)
Tool Bar
· Map Button enters a mode allowing map node editing
· Obj Button enters a mode allowing object editing
· Snap Button toggles Snap-To-Grid
To fly the camera about the map, use the free mouse look key (set to [CONTROL] by
default) and use the [A] and [Z] keys move the camera forward and backward.
Select an item, object, or map node with a left mouse click. Objects may only be selected
in object editing mode, while map nodes may only be selected in map node editing mode.
If you are unable to select an entity, make sure you are in the correct mode.
. Right mouse click destroys the current selected item and picks up the one under the
mouse cursor.
[END] - Toggles Map Editor Mode.
[R] - Resets the map and create an empty map.
[Backspace] – Opens a dialogue box so that you may save the Realm to disc.

Map Node Editor Mode
[F1] allows you to load a different map node to replace the currently selected node.
Map nodes are static models defined in XML files. They are usually located in the
data/terrain/nodes subdirectories, or the file name is suffixed with node.xml
Object Editor Mode
Each key corresponds to an entry in data/editor/palette.xml
This file specifies the objects that are at your disposal in the editor.
[F1] #1
[F2] #2
[F3] #3
[F4] #4
[F5] #5
[F6] #6
[F7] #7
[F8] #8
[1] #9
[2] #10
[3] #11
[4] #12
[5] #13
[6] #14
[7] #15
[8] #16
[9] #17
[0] #18

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Arbarlith The Gift of Chaos (3D hack & slash)
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