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 Operation: Power Monkey (fun 3D platformer collect bananas)

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PostSubject: Operation: Power Monkey (fun 3D platformer collect bananas)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:18 am

Power Monkey (27.6mb version 1.0 made 2006) is a fun and enjoyable 3D platformer adventure where you as Power Monkey must collect all the bananas from 3 unique levels before his 7 year old friend gets home from a sleep over. There are some nasties along the way so watch your step. This game was challenging to start off with but once the controls are mastered the game became even better. Some nice 3D work has gone into this little gem of a game and will surely appeal to the younger and older gamer alike. Go! Power Monkey Smile

Mouse movement to look around
Left mouse button to jump
Right mouse button for camera views
W key to move forward
S key to move backwards
A & D key to move sideways left and right
Esc to exit game


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Operation: Power Monkey (fun 3D platformer collect bananas)
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