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 Those Funny Funguloids! (fun mushroom collecting in space)

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PostSubject: Those Funny Funguloids! (fun mushroom collecting in space)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:03 am

Those Funny Funguloids! (14.8mb install, version 1.06 made by Mika Halttunen 2007) is a fun and colourful 3D game set in space where you have to collect mushrooms. You must then take them back to your home base to earn points. Sounds easy, well it is but you only have one life and while collecting mushrooms you must avoid the asteroids that float around your space world. The graphics are lush and gameplay is smooth. This freeware open source game one is a must download.

Space bar or Enter to start
Arrow keys for direction


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Those Funny Funguloids! (fun mushroom collecting in space)
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